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Founding Philosophy

"To make legal services function as a powerful tool for heightening clients' corporate values and energizing society"-we set forth this statement as the founding philosophy at Masuda Law Office.

Recently, the legal system surrounding our society is getting more complex, and in tandem with the changing corporate environment itself, changes and reformation of the legal system are gaining their speeds. In order to achieve business successes and goals beyond them in such a competitive environment, not only clinical or preventive legal actions but also strategic legal perspectives to implement an appropriate compliance policy in a timely fashion become an essential component of legal services, that enable us to fully utilize the existing legal systems. Keeping up with the ceaselessly changing laws may sometimes be a challange that seems hard to overcome, however, laws should originally be a device which makes various activities and transactions smooth and rational, by specifying rules between parties which reflect needs of society as a whole. When legal system properly fulfills its roles and aims supported by appropriate legal services, it will accomplish the effectiveness and vitalization that result in more attractive environment for all.

At Masuda Law Office, we devote ceaseless effort to pursuing the highest quality of our work products and services, along with establishing optimal size that could deal with various transactions in wide spectrum of legal areas, with the goal of precisely meeting our clients' specific requirements and needs in a time efficient manner in each area of legal practice which are complicated and require high degree of professionalism. Based on strong relationships of mutual trusts and respects, we hope we can support our clients' successes and satisfactions through providing the highest-level legal services.

Fundamental Management Principles

We set forth following five items as our fundamental management principles: "The highest quality", "Deep understanding of clients' businesses", "Allegiance and devotion", "Close communication" and "Firm relationship of mutual trust and respect".

1.The Highest Quality

Providing precise and sophisticated legal products is a cornerstone for legal experts. We thoroughly stick to heightening the quality of our services and products.

2.Deep Understanding of Clients' Businesses

In order to properly advise and lead clients to the best choice for them, we believe that it is essential to have a deep understanding of the clients' businesses as well as the precise knowledge of applicable laws and regulations, especially when there exists more than one legally "correct" answers.

3.Allegiance and Devotion

We believe that devotion and allegiance to each case together with pursuit to the highest quality are important elements in providing clients satisfactions beyond their expectations. We devote ourself to each and every case with sincere allegiance.

five fundamental management principles
4.Close Communication

It is difficult for a layperson to evaluate the quality of legal services. Thus, it should be a task for legal experts to explain the meaning of each legal process/action and the present status of the case.

5.Firm Relationship of Mutual Trust and Respect

In order to gain clients' trust, we believe it is indispensable for lawyers to steadily perform all of the above-mentioned principles. We make every effort to establish firm relationship of mutual trust and respect between each client by pursuing these principles.


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